pyANCA is being developed in the Chakra Lab at the University of Pittsburgh, with support from the NIH grant R01GM105978.

Chakra Chennubhotla built the algorithmic framework for anharmonic conformational analysis of conformational ensembles and conceptualized a conformational analysis toolkit around anharmonicity.

Akash Parvatikar is currently helping in maintaining and developing pyANCA and also contributed to the development of SD2, TD2 and TD4 modules.

Arvind Ramanathan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) developed the alignment module and provided insightful comments on the design of pyANCA.

Gabriel Vacaliuc contributed to the development of SD4 module.

In addition to the development team members, we acknowledge contributions and feedback from Pratul Agarwal and Khushboo Bafna (University of Tennessee) to help improvise the content of pyANCA website.