Tumor Heterogeneity Research Interactive Visualization Environment

We are currently reviewing and releasing the THRIVE software.

See a preview of some of the source code at


  • Rt. 106 will be released as open source in November 2017.
  • THRIVE will be released as open source in November 2017 with demo data provided for initial evaluation.

Upcoming THRIVE Roadmap:

  • Q4 2017
    • Tools for uploading user-provided pathology images.
    • Additional algorithms for intra-cellular heterogeneity.
    • Expanded set of automated system tests to ensure quality.
  • Q1 2018
    • Hands-on support for beta users to contribute more heterogeneity algorithms.
    • Tools for capturing community feedback onalgorithms.
  • 2018+ (to be prioritized based on user community input)
    • Machine-learning capability to classify cell types.
    • Whole-slide image viewing.
    • Whole-slide image analytics.
    • Automatically provisioning processors for large cohort studies.
    • Richer image display capabilities. e.g. color blends
    • Support for other data types. e.g. FISH